Everything You Need to Know About Applying for a Denmark Visa

Please apply for a Denmark Visa to visit the country and learn more about its culture and people. The page will give you all the information you need to know to apply for a Denmark visa.

Know the different types of Denmark visa

Now that you’re ready to apply for a Denmark visa, it’s important to know which type of Denmark visa is right for you.

There are several different types of Denmark visas and permits, so it’s helpful to get familiar with them before heading out to the embassy.

  • A Schengen Area visa is good for travel within the European Union (EU), Iceland and Norway. It allows multiple entries into these countries within one calendar year.
  • A Nordic Passport Permit gives holders access to all 26 countries in this area without needing an additional residence permit or time-limited visit pass from each country visited; however, some countries require prior approval from their national authorities before issuing such documents.

Determine your visa type

Denmark visas are issued under the Visa Code. There are three types of Denmark visa:

  • A residence card or temporary residence permit is a type of travel document that enables you to stay in Denmark for a limited period, usually up to one year. If you have this type of visa, it will be valid until your arrival date (unless otherwise stated). You must apply for this at the Danish embassy or consulate, where you’ll apply for your visa. You can also apply online here if it’s easier!
  • An entry permit enables people from certain countries who intend to stay for more than 90 days in total within one year before their departure date from the Schengen area (Europe) and Norway)

Choose your processing time.

If you have a Danish visa application pending and want to know what the next steps are, you must keep track of the status of your application.

If you submit your visa application on time (usually within 3 months), there should be no reason for the delay in processing.

The Denmark Embassy will send you an email notifying them if they receive all required documents together with their supporting documents.

If everything is in order, they will issue an invitation letter for an interview at their discretion within 3-4 weeks after receiving all necessary documents from your local embassy/consulate or by faxing them from their website.

Gather the required documents for a Denmark visa application

  • Get a passport
  • Make sure you have the right visa or permit to enter Denmark.
  • Complete and submit your application form.
  • Pay the required amount of money (the application fee). The amount varies depending on the type of visa being applied for but is usually between $100 and $300 (in 2017).

Get the correct visa application form.

The first step in applying for a Denmark visa is to get the correct application form. You can get these from your nearest Danish Embassy or Consulate or download them from their website.

When filling out the form, please note that:

  • Your application must be completed in black ink only; this will help ensure that you can read any errors on your form and other important information about it when it’s time to submit your application.
Pay the Denmark visa processing fee.

Once you’ve applied for a Danish visa, you’ll need to pay the processing fee. It’s usually a money order or cashier’s check made to “Denmark.”

This money order should be sent from your bank account (not by mail) and must be accompanied by proof that it can be cashed upon arrival in Denmark.

They will not accept personal checks as payment for this service. Still, they accept checks with an international bank account number if there are no problems when trying them out first before paying several hundred dollars on an international visit!

If using cashier’s or personal checks is too much hassle for you—because let’s face it: who doesn’t like convenience?—you can hand over some cash instead!

There are many options available at banks throughout Europe.

One can buy prepaid cards from their home country without going through government bureaucracy (without knowing whether those cards will be accepted back home later).

Schedule an interview at the Denmark Embassy or Consulate

To schedule an interview at the Denmark Embassy or Consulate, you will need to:

  • Contact the embassy or consulate directly. They will be able to tell you when and where the next available appointment is available for your country of residence (and whether it’s open on weekends). You can also call them at the main number listed on this page. They’ll ask for your passport number and other details about your application (like birth date) to ensure nothing has changed since the last time they spoke with you. Once they’ve confirmed that everything is okay, they’ll set up a time for an interview with another member of their staff—usually someone who speaks English well enough so that there won’t be any problems understanding what’s being said during communication between the two parties involved in this process.
You can get a Denmark visa if you follow all the requirements, submit all necessary documents, and pay the visa fees.

You need to apply for a Denmark visa before your trip starts. The application process can take anywhere from one day to three weeks.

The first step is to check out what documentation is required for your country of origin. Once this information is gathered from official sources or websites such as, it will be helpful when filling out an online form and scheduling an interview with an embassy representative who can assess whether you qualify for a Danish residence permit (visa).

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