Easy to Apply for Djibouti Visa [eVisa]

If you are an international traveller planning a trip to Djibouti, it’s essential to know about the visa requirements for your destination.

Djibouti is located in East Africa and shares borders with Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia and Somaliland.

Djibouti Visa, Easy Application Process

You can apply for a Djibouti visa by Online or in person at:

Quick Delivery

  • Delivery Time:
  • Delivery time varies but is usually within 3 days. You can apply for an expedited visa service if you need it (an extra fee is required). If you are applying from abroad, please include 2 blank passport pages, a copy of your flight itinerary, and the standard visa application form.
  • Applying at the Embassy or Consulate:

You may also apply for your Djibouti visa at any embassy or consulate in your country of residence if there is one nearby.

 Guaranteed Visa Approval

  • Only genuine and original visa application is accepted.
  • Only the applicant can apply at the Embassy or Consulate General of Djibouti.
  • Only the applicant can apply Online.
  • Only the applicant can pay for their visa fee.

Only the applicant can submit supporting documents such as a Passport (valid for a minimum of 6 months), two proofs of address, a colour photo with white background, certificates of birth and marriage if available etc., attested by Indian authorities.

*The Consular Officer will not entertain any request from anyone other than an Applicant who has already submitted their original Passport along with Visa Application Form (Form-DHA) completed in all respects along with supporting documents to this Consulate General & returned to them by post/courier services immediately on completion of processing & collection of biometric data.

*Applicants must provide a photocopy of their passports at a time when submitting their applications so that no problem arises during processing time.

*To prevent misuse, a unique number, i.e., Receipt Number, must be issued against each application which should be quoted by applicants while collecting their passports from VFS Global office.

*Biometric information will be collected from applicants during the submission process only through our authorised partner VFS Global Services Pvt Ltd, whose offices are located inside our premises

Djibouti visa

if you want to visit this small country, you must apply for a Djibouti visa.

Djibouti has a population of over 1 million people, and its capital is Djibouti City. The official language of Djibouti is Arabic and French.

The currency used in Djibouti is East African Franc (currency code DJF).

To get your Djibouti visa, you must fill out an online application form on our website or contact us by phone or email.

After submitting your application form, it will be processed within 24 hours and either approved or rejected depending on whether you meet all requirements set forth by immigration authorities in the Republic of Djibouti (also known as Djibouti).

If your case falls under one of these categories:

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