Ecuador Visa Requirements, Application & Process

If you plan on visiting Ecuador, it’s essential to understand the visa requirements and application process before you go.

This will ensure your trip goes without any significant interruptions.

As one of South America’s most visited countries, Ecuador has a lot to offer travellers: from its rich history that dates back thousands of years ago to its modern cities with bustling nightlife and landmarks like Machu Picchu.

So if you’re looking for an adventure or want to visit somewhere new, visit Ecuador!

Who needs a visa for Ecuador?

You don’t need a visa for Ecuador if you’re travelling from one of the following countries:

  • Citizens of the USA, Canada, Australia and the European Union
  • Citizens of over 150 countries that have diplomatic relations with Ecuador.

Suppose you plan to visit an area other than those mentioned above or do not qualify for Visa-Free entry.

In that case, it’s best to apply for your visa in advance at your local Ecuadorian Consulate.

When you need to apply for an Ecuadorian visa

If you are a Nigerian citizen, you need to apply for an Ecuadorian visa if:

  • You wish to travel outside the country and return.
  • You intend on staying in Ecuador for more than 30 days or 90 days, depending on national regulations.

If you are not a citizen of Ecuador, or if your stay is less than 30 days and 90 days, respectively:

  • You must have sufficient funds available at all times in this country (i.e., enough money to support yourself). This includes paying authorities’ fines upon arrival and other expenses incurred during your stay (such as food). If these conditions are met, there will be no need for further documentation regarding travel documents etc.

Other requirements for Ecuadorians visa application

If you are an Ecuadorian, you must provide proof of financial capacity.

This means that your bank account must have at least $1,500, and the bank must be located in Ecuador.

You also need to show that you can afford your trip by taking out a credit card or making a cash withdrawal from your checking account.

If you are applying for business visas, there are additional requirements:

  • Proof of economic solvency (for example, a letter from an employer stating how much money will be provided for each month)
  • Proof of health insurance coverage for yourself and any dependents living with you (if applicable)

How to apply for an Ecuador visa in Nigeria

To apply for an Ecuador visa in Nigeria, you must follow the steps below:

Go to your nearest Ecuadorean Embassy and hand in your passport. This is usually free of charge.

The Embassy will then issue you a form called “Visas de procedencia”, which states that you have applied for a tourist or business visa from their country.

You can also get this form from any other country’s Embassy if they have sent it over with their application form, like France has sent theirs to Nigeria, so keep this in mind when applying for EWI visas!

Bring all required documents, such as birth certificate, identity card, etc., and cash/credit cards (if applicable).

If possible, bring original documents because photocopies may not be accepted by some consulates/embassies during processing time or earlier than expected arrival date without a prior appointment made beforehand depending on availability of staff at certain times during weekdays only between 0900hrs-1500hrs daily except Sundays which are closed off due to religious observance days only allowed on Fridays after sunset until Monday morning before opening back up again at 0900pm same day again as usual schedule every Monday morning starting again before the new week begins next day after sunset ends after sundown ends leaving us enough time left over until next Friday starts all over again.

You can visit Ecuador on a visa with all the required documents and the proper travel itinerary.
  • Proof of financial ability to travel: This is the most crucial document that will be used for your application. You need to prove that you have enough money in your bank account to cover expenses during your stay in Ecuador (from food, transportation and lodging). Your current bank account statement or any other proof of income (like pay stubs) may not be sufficient as they don’t show how much money is available at any given time; instead, they list only how much was withdrawn from an ATM over a period which makes it difficult for immigration officers reviewing applications at embassies abroad who may not know this detail about someone’s finances!
  • Travel itinerary: It should include dates when you plan on leaving Panama City and returning home after visiting Quito/Guayaquil etc., as well as places where exactly these dates fall within each day, so there won’t be any confusion later on down the line when trying figure out whether someone has already left their country before applying again later down road since some countries require applicants who want visas issued based off first-time visits themselves must hold one single entry type – meaning no multiple entries allowed either way around elsewise risk having both types revoked due lack working together communicating with each other due lack understanding what purpose each type serves best serve overall needs best benefit entire community
The Last Word

It is important to note that you should apply for your Ecuadorian visa well in advance before travelling.

You can get the visa five days before your departure date, costing US citizens $160 or $40.

But, airlines also charge other fees depending on their policies when issuing tickets for Ecuadorian visa holders, including a non-refundable $50 fee per person, which gets added to your flight ticket price.

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