Applying for a Finland Student Visa: Information and Requirements

Study in Finland with a student visa and study abroad programs from Finland. This page provides information on student visas, eligibility, how to apply, and more.

Step-1: Check if you need a Finland Student Visa

Your first step is to check if you need a visa. If so, you can apply for one at the Finnish Embassy or Consulate in your home country.

To do this, visit their website and fill out their online form.

This will let them know that you want to apply for a student visa and will allow them to provide more information about where and when they accept applications for new visas.

Step-2: Fill out the application form

  • Fill out the application form.
  • Bring your passport and visa application form to apply for a Finland Student Visa.

Step-3: Gather required documents

To apply for a Finland student visa, you will need to gather the following documents:

  • A valid passport.
  • A completed Visa Application Form (Form B).
  • Passport-sized photos of yourself.

Step-4: Book the visa interview

You can book the visa interview online. You can also book the interview in person at the embassy or consulate office.

Step-5: Attend the visa interview
  • Bring all your documents.
  • Bring your passport.
  • Bring your visa application and supporting documents, such as bank statements and flight itinerary (if applicable).
  • Have a valid Finnish passport photo taken. The government of Finland requires all foreign nationals to have their picture taken to apply for a student visa at an Embassy or Consulate abroad. Please note that if you are applying from within Finland, we will send you formal instructions on getting this done before proceeding with the visa application process.
Finland Student Visa

A student visa is a travel document issued to those wishing to study in Finland.

The purpose of this type of visa is to allow you to travel, live and study in the country.

Applying for a student visa depends on your nationality, age and purpose of the study.

Applicants must provide documentation proving their eligibility and supporting evidence such as bank statements or employment contracts demonstrating they have sufficient financial means to support themselves while studying in Finland.

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