Iceland Visa: How to Apply for Your Visa to Iceland

Iceland is one of the most beautiful European countries known for its unique culture and history. 

If you’re considering visiting this Nordic nation, we have good news: your trip will be more with an Iceland visa.

But before applying for a Visa to Iceland, there are some things that you need to know about getting into this country.

Find Out If You Need an Iceland Visa

You must apply for an Iceland visa if you are planning to visit the country. 

Visas are not required for nationals of the European Union, Iceland and Norway. 

Nationals of other countries may have to apply for a visa to enter Iceland.

Visas are not required for nationals of the United States, Canada and Australia either.

Still, they need an invitation letter from Iceland or someone who works at one of its embassies or consulates abroad (such as in London).

Apply for Your Iceland Visa

Visa to Iceland

  • Step 1: Print out the [Application Form].
  • Step 2: Fill in your details on the form and make sure to include a copy of your passport or ID card with a photo, as well as a recent passport photo that you can use for identification purposes when applying for an entry visa at Iceland’s Visa Application Centre (VAC).

Do You Need Transit Visas to Iceland?

A transit visa is required if you travel from one country to another. 

This means that if you’re flying into Iceland but are also travelling to other countries in Europe or North America, your passport must be valid for at least 90 days after arrival in Iceland.

If this sounds like an unnecessary hassle for most travellers, there’s good news: The Icelandic government has made it easier for tourists who want to stop in Reykjavik on their way home. 

Other Visa Types

There are a few other types of visas you may be eligible for. These include:

  • Tourist visa – If you’re planning on visiting Iceland, this is the visa you’ll need. It allows holders to stay in the country for up to three months at a time and visit most tourist attractions (including those listed here). The only things that prevent someone from getting this type of entry permit are if they’ve been convicted of crimes against humanity or war crimes.
  • Business Visa – This entry permit lets people come into Iceland as tourists but also allows them to work while there—if their employer has an approved plan for doing so and pays them. But, if your company doesn’t have such programs in place yet but offers other benefits like fair wages or health insurance coverage, consider applying for this type instead!
  • Work Visa – This type works to the business visa above; But instead of being able to work while visiting Iceland (as with tourist visas), these workers could stay more extended periods ranging anywhere from six months up to two years, depending on how long each individual wants their trip lasting before returning home again later down the line since when applying online process starts soon after filling out a form online itself once submitted back home through the email address provided during registration process itself before arrival date arrives next month sometime around mid-September timeframe which means by early October timeframe most likely
Documents Needed When Applying for an Iceland Visa
  1. Passport
  2. Passport photos
  3. Visa application form (for non-EEA citizens) or passport photo page (for EEA citizens)
  4. Visas fee for your country of residence is determined by the Icelandic embassy/consulate where you apply. 
You can keep track of your application by registering or logging into the application portal.

Once you have received your confirmation email, you can keep track of your application by registering or logging into the application portal. 

You will need to provide some personal information for us to access this information and upload any documents required for processing. 

Suppose everything is in order and all required documents have been uploaded. 

In that case, we will issue a receipt showing this fact and ask that you check back with us throughout the process until it has been completed!

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