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Japan Visa Application Guide – The most up-to-date and accurate information source on getting a Japanese visa.

Make sure you have a valid passport.

Before getting a visa, you’ll need to ensure your passport is valid for at least six months.

You also want to ensure that it’s valid for at least three months after you go from Japan and when you return from Japan.

Your application will be denied and returned if either of these requirements isn’t met.

Organize your finances for the trip.

How much money do I need to bring?

The short answer is as little as possible, but you will still want to bring some cash.

The Japanese yen is the national currency of Japan, and it’s essential to have at least enough money on hand in case of an emergency or an unexpected expense.

All major international credit cards are accepted in Japan.

But, there are still many places where only cash can be used—for example, when buying train tickets or paying for items at small shops like convenience stores (which usually do not accept credit cards).

What if I don’t have enough funds?

If you cannot get more funds from your bank before leaving home for Japan or if you run out of money during your trip, don’t panic!

Several options are available: -You can withdraw more money from local ATMs using foreign ATM cards.

You’ll need to check with your bank before leaving home whether they offer this service and what fees they charge per transaction—some banks might charge a flat fee regardless of how much money is withdrawn, while others may assess varying rates depending on how much cash is removed each time (usually between $5-$10).

Prepare all your documents.

It’s essential to keep all your documents in order. To ensure that you have done this, check that each paper is original and has not been tampered with.

You should also check the end date of your passport, the validity of your visa, and the number of entries on your visa.

It would help if you also verified that any information on your document matches what appears in a facial recognition database.

Keep old passports and visas.

Keep your old passports. You’ll want to keep all your passports, as they contain the visas for any country you’ve travelled to.

Keep old visas you received from other countries.

All new Japanese visa applications require photographs and fingerprint scans, so even if your last entry into Japan was before then and is marked with a stamp rather than an actual visa page in your passport, it will still be necessary to submit it to apply for another one.

Keep them because they may come in handy someday! Suppose you ever decide to leave Japan and move back home or somewhere else (or vice versa).

In that case, those previous visas could help expedite getting another one—especially if they have multiple entries attached!

Choose a visa processing agency.

The essential first step in applying for a Japan visa is to choose a visa processing agency that the Japanese government has approved.

The main thing to consider here is whether the Japanese government accredits your company.

To make sure you’re choosing an approved company, check if it’s licensed by the Japanese government or authorized by the Japanese government.

If you are still unsure, contact us, and we will help you determine which agencies meet these requirements!

Pay the appropriate visa fees at the embassy.

You’ll need to pay the appropriate visa fees at the embassy. You should bring enough money for your visa application and travel expenses when you arrive in Japan.

Make sure you have the correct currency and amount of money before leaving home! Make sure you have enough change, too!

Japan Visa

Japan Visa Application Guide: Are you looking for a guide to applying for a Japan visa? If Yes, then you are at the right place.

This article will guide you through applying for a Japan visa.

The Japanese government is strict about issuing visas to foreigners, and there are specific rules that applicants must follow while applying.

These rules include having adequate funds and documents required by law, along with other essential requirements that will be explained below.

The Last Word

Submit your visa application online with the Japan Immigration Bureau, Ministry of Justice (MOJ).

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