Kuwait Work Visa: How to Apply for a Work Permit in Kuwait

If you want to work in Kuwait, you need a work permit.

The general rule is that if your employer wants to hire you, they must get a work visa first.

This article will help explain how to apply for the correct type of visa and what documents are required to get it.

The General Department for Residency Affairs of Kuwait handles issuing foreign nationals visas.

The General Department for Residency Affairs of Kuwait handles issuing foreign nationals visas.

They are located in the Ministry of Interior and are responsible for issuing visas to non-citizens who wish to enter or reside in Kuwait.

But, they do not have any authority over work permits or other matters relating to employment within the country.

If you wish to apply for a work permit in Kuwait, you should contact your local embassy or consulate instead of applying with the General Department for Residency Affairs (GDFRAK).

Types of Visas

  1.  Tourist visa
  2. Business visa
  3.  Work visa
  4. Student visa.

Kuwait Work Visa

A work visa is a document issued by an embassy or consulate to allow a foreign national to enter and work in Kuwait.

It’s not the same as a residence permit, which permits you to live and reside in Kuwait.

A work visa is for people who want to come here (for example, on vacation) but also have a job offer or need professional expertise that makes them qualified for such employment.

It’s also used by individuals who wish to visit Kuwait but would like some legal protection against deportation upon their return home (i..e., if they were caught breaking any laws).

Requirements to Get a Work Visa

  • You will need to have a work permit.
  • You will need a health certificate.
  • A medical report is also required.

The report must be stamped by the doctor’s office and signed by your doctor, who must indicate that you are in good health, with no severe conditions or illnesses affecting your ability to work in Kuwait.

1. A valid passport

Before you can apply, you must have a valid passport.

The passport should be valid for at least six months after the expiry date of your visa.

You also need two blank visa pages to get an entry visa into Kuwait.

2. A work permit issued by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor in Kuwait

Applying for a Kuwait Work PermitIf you are an employee of a Saudi Arabian company, your employer will likely help you apply for a work permit.

But, if you have no such relationship with your employer and have been offered a job in Kuwait by another company (or even freelancing), this process may be more complicated.

Apply for a work permit; it is necessary to contact the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor in Kuwait via their website.

You will need to provide them with certain information about yourself, including:

  • Your name
  • Address where you live (if different from the address on your passport)
  • Details about what kind of work experience or qualifications do or did not qualify as applicable under local laws governing labour practices within Kuwaiti borders
3. A health certificate issued by a hospital accredited by the Kuwaiti Government

The third step is to get a medical report from a hospital accredited by the Kuwaiti Government.

This can be done through your employer or an independent source.

The report must be issued within the last three months, translated into Arabic, and stamped by the Ministry of Health before being sent to us.

4. A medical report from a hospital accredited by the Kuwaiti Government indicates that you are free from infectious diseases and contagious conditions such as tuberculosis, hepatitis, AIDS, and syphilis.

The medical report should be submitted to the Embassy of Kuwait.

This will be done through a doctor or hospital certified by the Ministry of Health. You may need to take the following tests:

  • Tuberculosis (TB) test is a chest x-ray and sputum analysis that shows if you have TB. It is not necessary for all applicants, but if you are applying for citizenship in Kuwait or permanent residency to stay there, this must be taken as part of your application process.
  • Hepatitis B/C blood test – this is done on every applicant so they know whether they have been exposed to any diseases such as hepatitis or HIV/AIDS; it also ensures that no one else living at home who might have had contact with them has already contracted any pathogen within their system before applying for an employment visa with us!

Know what to do when applying for a work visa in Kuwait

When applying for a work visa in Kuwait, you must know what documents to bring.

The following list shows the required documents:

  •  A valid passport or travel document
  •  Invitation letter from an employer (if applicable)
  • Proof of financial support from an employer or family member

The processing time of your visa application will depend on how these documents reach their destination.

It takes two weeks for permanent residency applications and four weeks for temporary residency applications.

The Last word

Please contact us if you have any questions about applying for a work visa in Kuwait.

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