8 Steps to a Successful Latvia Work Permit Application

Latvia Work Permit: You must be a citizen of a country that has a visa waiver agreement with Latvia.

This means you must have been granted permission to work there and be able to prove it.

If you cannot provide proof of your status, your application will be rejected.

You will also need proof that you have an offer from a company in Latvia or another European Union country (or Switzerland). You will need this if:

  • You want to stay longer than 90 days;
  • You want to work as an employee;
  • Your employer wants you to get Latvian residency after one year of employment.

Apply for a Temporary Residence Permit

To apply, you’ll need to:

  • Complete an application form and pay the required amount.
  • Include photocopies of your passport and residence permit (if applicable) and a copy of all documents related to your work, such as contracts or invoices from previous employers.

These must be original copies with no marks on them—photocopies will not be accepted!

Apply for a Latvia Work Permit

  • Once you’ve found a job, it’s time to apply for a work visa. You can only get one type of visa: an employment-based visa (E1). This requires that your employer sponsor your application and pay all fees associated with obtaining the E1.
  • Before applying for an E1, make sure that you have all the necessary documents in order: passport photos; copies of your resume/CV; proof that you have health insurance coverage while abroad (if applicable); proof of income or savings, if applicable); proof that there are no legal barriers preventing employment in Latvia as far as taxes are concerned

Choose Your Travel and Permit Type

Choose Your Visa Type: The type of visa you need depends on how long your stay is and how many countries you’ll visit.

If you have a long-term job offer in Latvia, the Student visa might be right for you.

If not, apply for the Latvia Work Permit and return later with your official bachelor’s degree (or another official document) after obtaining it!

I recommend that everyone apply for both at once so they can see if either one works better than another.

You may also want to consider applying multiple times—if one doesn’t get approved enough, try again until all options are exhausted before deciding what’s best for each case.

Still, there aren’t many situations where this would be necessary because most applications will be approved within three weeks during peak seasons, such as holidays or summer abroad programs that require little preparation time but still require extra attention from immigration officials due to their high volume compared to normal workloads.”

Submit Your Application Materials

Once you’ve completed the application, it’s time to submit your materials.

You must submit all required documents in their proper format and order.

Make sure that you submit all your documents together as one package.

The immigration officer will be able to check that they are all present and correct when they open up your file, so make sure they’re there!

Check each document before submitting it; make sure there aren’t any mistakes (or if there are, fix them).

Pay the Latvia Work Permit Fees

  • Pay the Application Fee
  • Pay the Visa Fee
  • Pay the Medical Fee

Gather Your Documents

  • Gather Your Documents
  • Bring original documents that are in English and up to date, including:
  • Passport or other photo ID, if you have one.
  • Birth certificate (if applicable).

Plan Ahead With Adequate Processing Times

To ensure a successful application, you should plan.

Processing times vary depending on the type of visa you apply for and your country of residence.

The best way to avoid delays is by preparing your application early enough so it can be submitted before the deadline.

When applying for a work permit, read the guidelines and apply for the right visa.

The first step in obtaining a work permit is an invitation letter from your potential employer stating they are interested in hiring you.

This can take as little as two weeks if you can send it from your home country and have it processed by Latvian immigration officials.

But, if this isn’t possible or if your invitation arrives after the period has expired (which could happen depending on how long it takes them), then there may be additional steps involved before receiving approval from authorities abroad—and these can sometimes cause delays beyond what was anticipated when planning out how much money would need to be spent beforehand (and whether those expenses were worth making).

The second step is paying all necessary fees associated with processing paperwork to get Latvia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) permission.

These include:

  • Fees are paid upon arrival at airports nationwide;
  • A fee is paid upon entering into any country within Europe Union territory;
  • A fee is paid upon leaving any EU member state territory while still inside its borders—including when returning home again after visiting another member country under EU membership status.

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