Lebanon Visa: Apply for a Visa to Lebanon

The Lebanese visa process is simple to complete. If you have your passport with at least six months until the end and the correct documents, you can get a visa for Lebanon by following these steps:

Ensure you have a valid passport with at least 6 months until the end.

You can apply for a visa to Lebanon by following these steps:

  • Ensure you have a valid passport with at least 6 months until the end. If your passport is valid for less than 5 years, it will not be accepted by the Lebanese Embassy or Consulate General in New York City. Your new visa should be printed in English and Arabic on one side of this document; both sides must match when you present it at the Embassy/consulate general office during its opening days (visa validity period).
  • Pay an application fee of $30 per person per stay in Lebanon (cash only). The fee includes all costs associated with obtaining your new visa as well as other fees such as processing fees charged by travel agencies and banks that may apply when applying for visas abroad via their websites or toll-free numbers; some banks charge additional fees if they have been given instructions from their customer service representatives regarding what needs doing before submitting tender letters).

Check the Lebanon Visa requirements of your country.

Before you apply for a visa, it’s essential to check the requirements of your country.

This will help ensure that you meet all required criteria and don’t miss out on an opportunity because of a misunderstanding.

For example, if you live in Canada and plan to visit Lebanon in 2019, then make sure you have all the proper documents before applying for an entry visa!

Visit the Lebanese Embassy, where you will be submitting your documents.

Bring your passport, visa and other documents with you when you visit the Embassy.

You should also ensure that you have enough time to visit the Embassy because it is a bustling place, and if something goes wrong, it will be difficult for them to help you.

Also, ensure you have enough money to pay their fees; they do not accept any form of payment other than cash or credit card!

Also, make sure that your application has been approved by contacting them before coming over; if not, they will tell you that they cannot issue visas without prior approval from headquarters in Beirut, so try again later today (or tomorrow).

Complete the Lebanon visa application.

Complete the Lebanon visa application form. You can download it from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website or request one by emailing [email protected]. The application form should be filled out in detail, including your passport details, personal details and contact information, travel plans (including dates), financial resources (money and bank account numbers) and medical history if necessary. You must also provide information about family members living outside Lebanon who will accompany you on your trip there so that they can apply for their visas and those of other family members who are not applying but instead travelling together under one ticket.*

Pay the Lebanon visa fee.

Once you’ve submitted your application and been accepted, paying the Lebanon visa fee is the last thing left to do.

The Lebanon visa fee is $30 (equivalent to other currencies). This amount is non-refundable and can’t be refunded once paid.

Suppose you cancel your application after making payment.

In that case, there will be no refund for this service unless otherwise stated in this document or on another website where it mentions that a refund policy exists at all times during the process of applying for a visa; therefore, if anything happens during this period (including cancelling), then any money already paid will not be returned to any one who makes such action happen because they didn’t complete their transaction!

You must also understand that even though we have mentioned above how certain countries require additional documentation before issuing visas; however this does not mean that we cannot issue visas without providing these documents first because our system allows us access through our website itself, so long as everything else matches up too together with what’s required by law within each specific country where people reside – meaning no matter what kind of documentation might need filling out beforehand before submitting applications online themselves along with paying fees upfront when required most often .”

Collect your original passport and new visa.

When it’s time to collect your original passport and new visa, you’ll need to bring:

  • Your original passport and new visa documents.
  • Photo ID (such as a driver’s license or state-issued identification card).

The embassy/consulate also requires that you present two forms of payment at this stage: Cash in U.S dollars or Euros; or a bank draft drawn on Lebanon (€30) payable only to the “Ministry of Foreign Affairs.”

You can apply for a visa to Lebanon by following these steps.

You can apply for a visa to Lebanon by following these steps:

  • Have an authentic passport with at least six months until the expiration date.
  • Visit the Lebanese Embassy, where you will be submitting your documents.
The Last Word

After you have submitted your application, you will be notified by email when it has been processed for approval.

Please note that receiving your visa can take up to 10 working days. The visa fee is refunded in full if your application is rejected.

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