Apply for a Liberia Visa

Liberia has several different visa types, the most common being business, tourist and student visas.

There are also diplomatic and transit visas that can be obtained at the border if you travel from one country to another.

You’ll need to know what kind of visa you need before you apply for one online or in-person at the Embassy or consulate where your application is due (usually within 30 days).

If your visa isn’t approved by then—or if it’s rejected anyway—you may need a new one before leaving Liberia!

Fill out the Liberia Visa application form online.

You must fill out an application form online to apply for a visa. You’ll also need:

  • A valid passport number
  • Your address and phone number
  • Your email address (for verification purposes)
  • Credit card number (if applicable)
  • Digital photo of yourself

Print it out and sign it.

Please print the form, sign it, and ensure you have all your information correct.

The document should look like this:

  • Your full name (full legal name) is on your passport (or other identification). If you do not have a valid passport or another acceptable travel document, we will need to see one before processing your application. You must also state which country issued this travel document for us to be able to verify its authenticity.
  • Date of birth: You must enter the day that corresponds with how old you were when applying for entry into Liberia***
  • Section Header: Your first and middle names are optional, but they are required if they differ from those contained on your passport or another acceptable travel document.

Suppose there is more than one applicant per family group. In that case, each person should sign next to their name along with their family member’s information for us to process their applications.

Collect required documents.

Before you apply for a visa, you must collect the following documents:

  • A passport photo. This is the essential document you will need to submit when applying for a visa, and it must be at least 2 inches by 2 inches in size. If your photo does not meet this requirement, the Embassy may reject your application altogether.
  • The visa application form (Form DS-160). This form is available online from the Department of State’s website or from your local U.S embassy or consulate office in Liberia, as well as in many other countries where Americans travel, such as Canada, Mexico and Australia, among others! Suppose there are any errors on this form. In that case, these could cause delays in processing time which can lead to months before arriving at their final destination where they must live while waiting until their new home becomes ready before moving into place again without any hassle; whatsoever!
Send your papers to the Liberia Embassy in Washington D.C., USA.

To send your documents, you will need to:

  • Include a copy of your passport, visa application form and photo.
  • Send all three items in an envelope addressed to the “Embassy of Liberia Washington DC USA” with “Visa” or “Visitor Visa Application” written on it at the top of each page. If you wish to send a letter with your application instead of an envelope, please write “Letter” on the top line followed by an appropriate subject line, for example: “Application for a Visitor Visa.” Please note that we cannot accept other mailings such as faxes or emails!

The Embassy has specific requirements regarding how long it takes them to receive these documents (upwards of one week).

Wait for your Liberia visa to arrive by mail.

Once you have sent your application and all the required documents to the Embassy, they will issue a visa.

You can expect to receive it in the mail within 2-4 weeks (2 weeks if you apply through regular mail).

If you want to pick up your visa at the Embassy, please contact them so that we can arrange to get it ready for pickup.

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