Malaysia Golden Visa: Get a 10-Year Residency in Malaysia

The Malaysia My Second Home program is an initiative by the Malaysian Government to attract foreign talents and retirees that want to move to Malaysia.

The program offers a 10-year visa with unlimited entry/exit, employment and education opportunities, and housing benefits.

With the Golden Visa, you can bring along your spouse and children under 21 who are still dependable on you.

There’s no limit to the number of people joining the program each year, but you can only apply for Malaysia My Second Home once every five years.

This makes it easy for them to apply for Malaysian citizenship.

What is the Malaysia Golden Visa?

Malaysia Golden Visa (Mm2h Programme) is promoted by the Government of Malaysia to allow foreigners who fulfil specific criteria to stay in Malaysia for as long as possible on a multiple-entry social visit pass.

The Malaysia Golden Visa is a permanent residency program that allows you to live in Malaysia for up to 10 years and enjoy all its privileges.

If you invest USD$1 million into the country, you will receive a 10-year residence permit valid for all business activities, including investment, employment, and self-employment.

You can stay in Malaysia as long as your investment remains active at least once every 6 months; otherwise, it becomes invalidated due to non-compliance with these terms & conditions set forth by the Immigration Department Johor Bahru District Office under the Ministry Of Home Affairs Malaysia (MOHA).

  • Eligibility: It is open to citizens of all countries recognized by Malaysia, regardless of race, gender, religion or age. Applicants are allowed to bring their spouses and unmarried children below 21 as dependants.

Malaysia Residency for 10 Years

If you are interested in getting a 10-year Malaysian residency, this is the best way to do it.

You can apply for a 10-year residency after living in the country for 5 years. After that, you will be eligible to apply for citizenship and become an official citizen of Malaysia! T

How to Apply for the Malaysia Golden Visa

To apply for the Malaysia Golden Visa, you will need to:

The best way to get a Malaysia Golden Visa is through Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) program.

This is the most popular program and has a lower investment threshold than other programs, making it easier for you to qualify.

The MM2H program allows you to apply for permanent residency in Malaysia if you invest at least $1 million in real estate within two years of purchasing it.

It does not matter where your money comes from: even if it comes from a bank account overseas or if you have an inheritance waiting for you back home!

To qualify for this visa category, But, some additional requirements need to be met before applying with the Immigration Department of Malaysia:

Eligibility and requirements for the MM2H programme

  • Regardless of faith, gender, or age, citizens of any nation Malaysia recognizes as a country can call Malaysia home.
  • The visa holder can apply to bring their spouse, children who have not yet married and are under the age of 21, and parents to Malaysia.
  • This visa is only suitable for children until they reach the age of 21, and no longer. You may also apply to bring along one more assistant.
  • There are protocols for bringing your pet with you.
  • First, you must provide evidence that you can fulfil specific financial criteria and show that you have enough resources in Ringgit Malaysia (RM).
  • Your application has to be accompanied by a copy of the most recent three months’ worth of bank statements that have been attested.

Additionally, certified copies of the most recent three months’ worth of paystubs, income statements, or pension slips, depending on which category best describes your circumstances.MALAYSIA MY SECOND HOME

Financial Requirements

The Applicants are expected to be capable of supporting themselves in this program in Malaysia.

Applicants under 50 years must show proof of liquid assets worth a minimum of rm500,000 and offshore income of rm10,000 per month.

Applicants aged 50 and above may follow the financial proof of rm350,000 in liquid assets and offshore income of rm10,000 per month.

For certified copy(s) of the current account submitted as financial proof, applicants must provide the latest 3 months’ statement with each month’s credit balance of RM350,000.

Those who have retired must show proof of receiving a pension from the Government, rm 10,000 per month.

Medical Report

Applicants and their families need a medical report from any Malaysian accredited clinic or private hospital.

Medical Insurance

Approved participants and their dependants must own valid medical insurance coverage from any insurance company in Malaysia.

But, exemptions may be given for participants who face difficulty obtaining a medical insurance due to their age or medical condition.

Security Bond (direct application only)

Applicants applying are required to fulfil the security bond condition. Please refer to the security bond for the rate per person by nationality, ranging from rm200 to rm2000.00.

Tax Incentives Under MM2H program

An approved participant under the mm2h program, with an mm2h visa approved from 1 January 2017, is eligible for:

  • exemption of excise duty to buy a newly assembled vehicle (completely knocked-down -CKD); or
  • exemption of import and excise duty to import a pre-owned private vehicle (completely built-up – cbu) into Malaysia.
The Last Word

This program is one of the most excellent methods to get a Malaysian golden visa.

To encourage and promote good immigration to Malaysia, the Malaysian Government is creating the Malaysian Golden Visa program.

If you cannot make the payment, you will not be able to get the MM2H Visa, also referred to as the Malaysian Investor Visa.

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