Apply for Mexico Visa in 5 Simple Steps

You’re off on an exciting vacation in Mexico. Getting a visa from the Mexican Embassy or Consulate is the only thing holding you back.

Don’t worry! It’s easy to get a visa for Mexico, as long as you follow these simple steps:

Mexico Visa- Collect required documents

Suppose you are planning to travel to Mexico. In that case, you must collect all required documents before submitting your visa application.

  • Bring your passport. Make sure that the name on your passport exactly matches the one on your Mexican visa application.
  • Bring a printout of your flight itinerary and hotel booking confirmation (if applicable). Your airline or hotel may require this for them to process their side of things so they can assist with any questions regarding lodging while abroad and provide other services such as car rentals, etc., during their stay in Mexico City or elsewhere throughout Mexico’s wide-ranging geography!
  • Finally, bring a printout of all relevant medical conditions and copies of any prescriptions doctors specialising in treating these ailments (if applicable).

Make an appointment at a VFS Global centre.

  • Make an appointment at a VFS Global centre.
  • Make an appointment online through the website of your choice or use the VFS Global App. You can also call them at 1-800-843-3432 and make your reservation there. Still, it’s unnecessary since they’ll email you instructions on scheduling your appointment once you’ve done so.
  • Choose between two types of appointments: Walk-in and scheduled assignments; both are available throughout most of Mexico, but some cities may have shorter wait times than others due to local demand for visas or other factors that affect wait times for visas in specific locations around the country.
  • Choose between two types of walk-in appointments: Standard Wait Time and Short Wait Time (SWA). The standard wait time option is usually recommended because it’s less stressful than waiting outside all day long without knowing when someone will be able to see you next.* Select your preferred location based on convenience as well as availability per request type (e.g., a family member living abroad)

Go to the VFS Global centre.

You should bring the following documents to the VFS Global centre:

  • Your passport and visa application.
  • A copy of your passport.
  • A letter confirming that you are registering with a travel agency (VFS Global) in Mexico City, where they’ll process your visa application. If you’re unsure which travel agency to use, check their website or call them before going in person!

You can also bring additional photos if necessary—this is optional but recommended because they will be used as proof during interviews later on.

Submit your application

Once your visa application has been submitted and approved, you will receive a notification letter from the Mexican Embassy or Consulate.

This confirmation letter is similar to the one you received when applying for your passport; it contains information about your appointment date and time and other essential details about what will happen next.

Receive your passport and visa

Once your application is approved, you will receive a confirmation email.

Once that’s received, the Embassy or Consulate will issue your passport and visa.

The processing time for a Mexican tourist visa can be anywhere from 1-3 weeks, depending on how busy they are.

If you don’t receive your passport or visa within these timeframes, please contact us so we can help find out what went wrong with processing!

These simple steps will help you apply for Mexico Visa.

The process is pretty simple for those who want to apply for a visa for Mexico.

You can collect the required documents and make an appointment at a VFS Global centre.

You can go to the VFS Global centre or submit your application online.

Once you have submitted your documents, you will receive your passport and visa in less than 48 hours!

The Last Word

In short, you can apply for Mexico Visa in five simple steps.

The first step is collecting the required documents; the second is making an appointment at a VFS Global centre, followed by going there and submitting your application.

Later on, receive your passport and visa.

The last two steps are obtaining your passport with a visa stamped inside and instructions on how to use it.

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