Monaco Visa and Residence Requirements

A Monaco visa is a kind of Schengen visa which is as good as gold. It is the best option for those planning to visit Europe and Monaco.

Go to the consulate of Monaco.

  • The consulate of Monaco is located in the city of New York.
  • You will need to apply and support documents with the visa application fee of $200 per person.
  • If you are approved for a visa, it will take 3-5 business days before your passport can be stamped at the consulate.
  • If denied a visa, there are no known reasons why this would happen, but there was not enough time for all applications due to processing backlogs or other causes beyond our control (e.g., travel restrictions).

Fill out a Monaco Visa application form.

You must fill out an application form to apply for a Monaco visa.

The application can be completed online or downloaded and filled in by hand.

If you choose to complete your paperwork, make sure that you print the form before filling it out so that there are no errors on your part—people who visit Monaco often may have a difficult time understanding how they should fill out their paperwork due to lack of experience with this type of application process.

If you choose to submit your paperwork, please note:

Write a letter of motivation for your visit to Monaco.

Write a letter of motivation for your visit to Monaco. Explain why you want to visit Monaco and what you plan on doing while there.

Also, explain why you are a good candidate for the visa and how it would benefit both parties (you, Monaco).

Include references from previous employers or other personal connections who have worked with you or been involved in similar projects in the past (i.e., if applicable).

Attach photos.

Attach a photo of yourself to your visa application. You’ll need this for the visa application process, so take one with you when applying!

This can be any photo that shows your face and includes at least one side profile shot (1/2 mug).

If possible, have a passport photo as well—it’s easier for us to match up your current photo with the one on file in Monaco if it matches up.

If you don’t have any photos of yourself handy, we’ll accept other photos as long as they’re clear enough for us to differentiate between them in person at check-in time; send them along with your application materials instead of attaching them here on this page.

Attach copies of ID.

This can be a passport or driver’s license, and it should be valid when you apply. If you have multiple passports, include all of them in your application package.

You may also need to submit a letter from the government where your current passport was issued explaining why they cannot issue another one (for example: if your country has not recognized diplomatic relations with Monaco).

It’s also wise to send copies of any other documents that might help establish connections between yourself and Monaco—like birth certificates or marriage certificates—so that there’s clear evidence about how long ago these events took place; otherwise if someone were ever questioned about whether it was legitimate for them to get married here (or anything else), they would have nothing on which they could respond with confidence!

Attach past visas and residence permits.

The next step is to attach copies of your past visas and residence permits.

If you already have an entry visa for Monaco, please attach a copy of your passport (every country in the world issues passports).

If you do not yet have a Monaco entry visa or residence permit, or if you’ve never been issued one, please provide evidence that shows that you have been granted access to other Schengen countries such as France and Switzerland.

Attach proof of accommodation in Monaco.
  • You must have a reservation at a hotel or apartment.
  • You can get a visa for up to three months.
  • You can get a visa for up to six months.
  • You can get a visa for up to one year.
  • You can get a visa for up to two years.
Attach proof of financial means.

Proof of funds can be a bank statement or a letter from your bank.

You’ll need this if you’re applying for an invitation letter only and if you want to extend your stay in Monaco.

If you make less than €50,000 per year (approximately $57,000), then the amount will depend on how long your stay is:

  • For stays below 30 days: EUR 30,000 ($33,000)
  • For stays between 31-45 days: EUR 40,000 ($44,500)
  • For stays longer than 45 days: EUR 50 000 ($5500).
Pay the fee and submit the documents.

Monaco visa fees vary depending on your country of residence.

  • The fee for a single-entry visa is €50 ($60).
  • The fee for multiple-entry visas is €100 ($120).

If you need to apply more than once, the additional cost will depend on how many times you want to travel to Monaco in a year and whether it’s during peak season (June through September).

Get your visa in advance to ensure you can travel to Monaco!

Before you go to the consulate, it’s essential to know that your visa is not valid for any other purpose.

It can only be used for travel and tourism in Monaco, as outlined by the local government.

Also, if you want to stay longer than 90 days at a time, you will need another visa or an extension of your current one.

This can be done by contacting an immigration official at the Consulate General of Monaco in your home country after applying for your first visit (they’ll ask for proof) and requesting an extension from them when necessary!

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