The North Korea Visa Process

The North Korea Visa Requirements and Application Process. Only your passport must be valid for at least six months after your intended departure date.

You can’t apply for a visa if you don’t have a valid passport, so make sure it’s good before applying!

North Korea visa application form

You can download the visa application form from the Korean embassy website.

Once you’ve downloaded it, fill in all your details and attach a photograph of yourself. Then submit your application online by following their instructions.

When applying for a North Korea visa, remember to make sure that you have all necessary documents ready before beginning the process so that there are no delays when submitting your application for approval or processing fees being charged due to late submission of documents or missing information (e.g., payment details).

Photo requirements

To apply for a North Korea visa, you must submit a photo with your application.

The photo must be passport-sized, and it must be clear and non-smiling.

The photo should be taken within six months of applying to enter the country; it must also be in colour and show only one person (you).

You can take photos at any time before submitting your visa application, but they’ll need to have been taken on or after October 1st of this year—if they’re older than that date, they won’t count toward meeting this need!

The background should be white so as not to distract from your subject’s face: if you don’t have access to such a backdrop at home (or if yours is too busy), consider taking one outside instead!

Visa fees

  • Tourist visa fees: $50
  • Business visa fees: $100
Processing time
  • Processing time: 2-3 weeks
  • You can’t apply for a visa in Pyongyang. The visa application must be made in your home country if you’re going to North Korea. This is because not only do they have strict laws and regulations regarding handling foreign nationals entering their country, but they also require that all visitors have an approved travel itinerary and be able to prove that they have enough funds for their stay (if applicable). Also, most countries don’t allow tourists who don’t hold passports from their own country into their territory—so if you want to visit North Korea without applying for an eVisa beforehand, this option isn’t available either!
North Korea visa information

Before you apply for a visa, it’s essential to know the following:

  • You must have a valid passport.
  • The North Korean visa application form can be found on the country’s website. It must be filled out in English or Korean, with no additional space for signatures or other personal data. You’ll need to upload photos of yourself holding your completed form (these are required) and all supporting documents when you submit your application at the embassy or consulate nearest you—or by mail, if they don’t accept visitors there.
  • If travelling within one month of applying for your visa, make sure that any travel arrangements have been made well in advance so that processing time isn’t affected by delays caused by unexpected events such as illness or death during this period; otherwise, once these factors occur then processing may take longer than expected due because officials may not want another person taking up space on their desks while waiting around until their paperwork gets processed first before anyone else arrives again later on down the line after having already started without delay once things started working beforehand after being able complete everything only but afterwards did something happen which caused problems arise resulting in delays lasting longer than planned through lack thereof due inefficient management practices employed over the lack thereof being practised throughout various departments within government agencies involved with providing services related.
You must have a tour guide and passport to visit North Korea.

You need a tour guide, and you also need a specific passport. If you’re travelling with your family or friends, they will likely have to apply for visas from you.

You must be travelling with a tour group to visit North Korea!

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