Oman Work Visa -How to Get a Work Visa in Oman

If you have ever dreamed of working in Oman but haven’t yet been able to get a visa, it’s time to get proactive.

There are different ways to secure a work visa for Oman, and each method has challenges and advantages.

The good news is that obtaining an Oman work visa can be done, even if you don’t live near the border.

Find a job. Such visas require an offer of employment from a company in Oman.

The first step to getting a work visa in Oman is finding a job.

You need to find a job in Oman before applying for a work visa.

Apply for an Oman work visa through the Ministry of Manpower (MoM).

The employer must be licensed to employ foreign workers.

The Ministry of Manpower (MoM) can provide information on how to apply for a work visa in Oman, including where and when to file your application.

The Ministry of Manpower will issue an employment permit for your employee if it approves the contract between you and them. This means that once you have submitted all necessary documents and paid applicable fees, MoM will authorize your company’s request for entry into Oman so it can start hiring new employees from abroad!

Get medical tests to receive a work permit.

Get medical tests to receive a work permit. Applicants must be tested for HIV, drug use, and contagious diseases.

  • The test is performed by a doctor who will look at your blood and urine samples.

The results of this screening are valid for one year from when they’re issued, but if an applicant fails this initial screening, they must wait two years before retaking another one (this time with even more stringent requirements). If an individual tests positive during these three-year intervals, then it’s possible that their visa application could be denied altogether!

Complete the work permit process.

  • The employee must undergo fingerprinting and submit his passport and other required documents to the MoM.

The employee must be fingerprinted and submit his passport and other required documents to the Ministry of Manpower.

After this step, you will receive an appointment letter from the MoM indicating when you need to return for your visa interview.

This interview is usually held at a regional office in Oman (but not always).

The process for getting a work permit can take up to six months or longer in some cases.

Receive your work permit and enter Oman.

A valid passport is required to enter Oman, as well as a residency card valid for one year with permission to live in Oman until the expiration date of the residency card. After entering the country, you can register with the police at your residence within three days of arrival to begin working legally.

Once you arrive in Oman, it’s time to get your work permit.

You’ll need a valid passport and residency card, which is a document that proves that you have permission to live in the country (and cannot be used as proof of citizenship).

It also has an expiration date, so if you want to leave Oman after one year, your residency card must be renewed before leaving.

If there is no expiration date on the residency card itself, someone else needs to renew it for them—so make sure someone else does!

If everything goes well with obtaining these documents and registering with the police department at their place of residence within three days after arrival; then, once written with the police department (this step must be done within three days), one can start working without any hassle or delays whatsoever.”

Application Form

Work Visa - ROYAL OMAN

Oman Work Visa for Foreign Professionals

The application form for the Oman work visa is available online and can be downloaded from the government’s website. The process of filling it out should not take longer than 20 minutes.

Once you have filled out the form, save it as a PDF file (if it is not already saved in this format) or print it out on paper and fill in all information before submitting your application to get a response as soon as possible!

If you are looking to get an Oman work visa, there are specific steps you need to follow first.

If you are looking to get an Oman work visa, there are specific steps you need to follow first.

  • You will need:
  • A passport is valid for at least six months after your stay in Oman.
  • A visa (for employment). This can be obtained from the Ministry of Labour, Manpower, Immigration, or any accredited embassy or consulate. You may also apply online through the Royal Oman Police website.
  • Employment contract signed by you and employer on company letterhead showing the following details: full name; nationality; gender; address details including postal code/zip code/postal district code; date of birth, nationality; marital status (married/unmarried); previous work experience if applicable, etc…
  • The work permit issued by MOI/OPM depends on whether you have been offered an employment position or not, as well as proof that you are still eligible for this type of visa even though it has expired.
Foreign professionals can get an Oman work visa.

Oman is a great place to work.

The economy is growing fast, and the country has good infrastructure, making it an attractive destination for foreign professionals.

Oman has a low cost of living and an excellent climate, which means you can live without spending much money on housing or food.

Oman also offers many tax benefits: there are no income tax rates on foreign workers in this country!

If you want or need more money than your salary allows, you will have no problem getting extra paychecks from your employer – this can come out of their pockets rather than yours!

The Last Word

This blog post has helped you understand the process of applying for an Oman work visa.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our team of experienced immigration consultants, who will be happy to help.

Getting a work visa in Oman is a simple process.

The first step is finding a job and applying for the company’s visa on your behalf.

Then, you will have to get medical tests before receiving a work permit from the Ministry of Manpower (MoM).

Finally, upon arrival in Oman with other required documents such as passport photos, etcetera), register yourself at a police station within three days after the arrival date.

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