How to Get a Saudi Arabia Visa: The Ultimate Guide

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of the most fascinating countries in the world. The country has a rich history, unique culture, and beautiful landscapes. You can enjoy many activities such as hiking and diving.

But, before you travel to Saudi Arabia for tourism or business, you must get your visa first.

With this guide on how to get a Saudi Arabia visa, you’ll learn everything from choosing your travel purpose to getting familiar with the application process.

1. Choose your travel purpose.

The first step in getting a Saudi Arabia visa is determining your travel purpose. A Saudi Arabia tourist visa is required if you plan to visit the country for leisure.

Still, other types of visas are necessary if you are going there on business or with any professional goal in mind.

To get a Saudi Arabia business or work visa, you’ll need an invitation letter from a Saudi Arabian company inviting you as their guest and guaranteeing that they will pay your travel expenses while there (all taxes included).

You will also have to have proof that the company has enough money in its bank account so that it can cover all costs associated with your visit—including food and housing—and still be able to stay afloat after paying these expenses out of pocket instead of using them for their purposes.

2. Apply for a Saudi Arabia Visa

You must provide some basic information if you’re applying for a visa. This can be done by filling out an online application form and uploading scanned copies of your documents (such as your passport). The embassy website should tell you what information is needed, but most likely, it will include:

  • Your full name
  • Your date of birth
  • Your passport number and end date
  • The address where you currently live (or intend to stay) in Saudi Arabia

3. Provide documents

You will need to provide documents proving your identity and reasons for travelling to Saudi Arabia.

You will also need to provide documents about your trips, such as your itinerary, hotel reservation and flight details.

The Saudi government requires a letter from the sponsor confirming the purpose of the visit and what they expect you to do while visiting Saudi Arabia.

Your sponsor can be a company or an individual who invites you on behalf of their family member or friend in Riyadh.

4. Get familiar with the application process.

Next, you should get familiar with the visa application process. You can visit the Saudi Arabia website, which has an entire section devoted to visas (and it is in English!).

This section will find all the information you need about Saudi Arabia’s visa requirements, payment methods and processing times.

You will also be able to download their application form for your convenience.

Once familiarized with these details and requirements, move on to understanding how long a Saudi Arabia visa takes to process.

The official website states that most people have their visas processed within 24 hours, but this is not always possible as many factors are involved in getting your visa approved, such as the type of visa applied for, applicant’s nationality, a country they live in; etc

5. Track your application status

After applying for your visa, use the tracking link to see the status of your application. If you don’t see a status update, you can contact the Saudi Arabian consulate where you applied or check your visa status at their website here.

6. Enter Saudi Arabia

Once you have your visa, it’s time to enter Saudi Arabia! You can do this by plane or by car. But first: what are the requirements for entering the country? There are two requirements:

  • You must enter within 90 days of being issued your visa.
  • Your passport must be valid for at least six months after your stay in Saudi Arabia.
With these steps, you can apply for your Saudi Arabia Visa online.

Saudi Arabia Visa requirements

The Saudi Arabia Visa requirements are as follows:

  • You must be 18 years old or above.
  • You must have a valid passport that is not expiring within six months from your travel date. Your passport should have at least two blank pages for stamping when entering and exiting Saudi Arabia. If you are travelling with children, their passports must also be valid for at least six months after their arrival date in Saudi Arabia.
Saudi Arabia Visa fee

There is no specific fee required to get a Saudi Arabia visa. Still, since it is an embassy service that requires personal interaction, they will ask you to pay some fees so they can process your application faster.

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