How to Apply for a Senegal Visa

If you’re planning to travel to Senegal, you’ll need to get a visa before you can board your flight. Getting a visa can be easy once you know what documents are required and where to apply. Here’s how it works:

Get in touch with the nearest Senegal embassy.

Getting in touch with the embassy is the first step to getting your visa.

You can find a list of embassies on their official government website or Google search for “Senegal embassy [insert country].”

Once you’ve found the address and phone number of your nearest Senegal embassy, call them and ask them how to apply for a visa by email or in person.

Check if you need a Senegal visa or if you can get one upon arrival.

The rules about whether you need a visa to enter Senegal and what type of visa you need, if so, vary depending on your nationality.

If you are travelling from one of the countries listed below, you will be granted a visa on arrival at Dakar airport:

  • Andorra
  • Argentina (valid for three months)
  • Australia (valid for three months)
  • Austria (valid for three months)
  • Belgium (valid for three months)
  • Bulgaria (valid for three months)
  • Canada (valid for six months)
  • Chile (valid for 90 days)

If you are travelling from the following countries, a tourist visa will likely be required before entering Senegal:

Fill out the visa application form.

  • Fill out the visa application form completely. This includes:
  • Your name, date of birth, passport number, and country of residence
  • The purpose of your visit (tourism or business)
  • Your travel dates
  • The terms of those travelling with you (if applicable)

Make a visa appointment.

You can make a visa appointment online at the Senegalese embassy website or by phone. You can also get in-person help at the embassy or a local visa centre.

Gather supporting documents and submit your application.

Once you’ve found a travel agency that can help with your visa, follow these steps:

  • Gather supporting documents and submit your application. The list of required documents includes passport, passport photo, proof of travel insurance (with medical coverage), proof of accommodation in Senegal (hotel reservation), financial stability (evidence of ability to pay for the trip), employment status (if applicable), relationship status (if applicable), family ties in Senegal if you are travelling with children under 18 years old or any other dependent(s) for whom you will be responsible during your stay in Senegal.
  • Please submit your application at a designated government office which may differ depending on where exactly you intend to enter the country; most embassies accept applications either by mail or in person, but some do not allow them! If this is the case, they will provide alternative methods such as an online form or email address where one can submit all their information instead.
Getting a Senegal visa is easy, but you need to know some things before applying.

Getting a Senegal visa is easy, but you need to know some things before applying.

First, if you plan on staying in Senegal longer than three months or are planning on working there, then yes: You will need to apply for a visa.

You will also need to decide whether your country allows tourist visas upon arrival.

If it does not allow this option, all citizens from these countries must get their passports in advance through the Senegalese embassy in their home country and travel with that passport when they arrive in Senegal.

It should be noted that this process can take weeks or even months, depending on how long it takes for them to get back into touch with themselves again after going through all those different self-healing exercises last week (and hey—it’s worked out well so far!).

The Last Word

We need to know that Senegal visas come in different types, so it is crucial to research what kind of visa you need before applying.

If it’s an emergency and you need a visa, then the best thing to do would be to contact an embassy or consulate and ask if they can help.

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