Tajikistan Visa: How to Apply and What You Need to Know

If you’re travelling to Tajikistan, you must first know how to apply for a visa. There are several steps involved in getting your Tajikistan visa:

Get a blank Tajikistan visa application form from the consulate or print it from the government website.

You can get a blank visa application form from the consulate. You can also download a copy of it from the government website or apply for a Tajikistan visa by mail.

To apply online using an electronic form, you must fill out and print the visa application form before mailing it to your chosen Tajikistan consulate.

  • eVisa:  Tajikistan e visa is the easiest way to apply for the visa. U.K., US, Canada, and Australia citizens can apply for e-visa online for free. The process generally takes 3-5 working days, which may vary depending on your nationality.

Fill out your visa application.

  • Fill out the form completely. Make sure to use black ink only, as pencil or ballpoint pen will not be accepted.
  • Do not leave any blank spaces on the application form, even if you do not know the answer to a particular question; instead, write “N/A” (n/a is short for “not applicable”) in that space or circle it and write “N/A” on your application form in blue or black ink so that there is no confusion about what your answer is.
  • Do not use a pen with a felt tip; these are only allowed for temporary visas and are not accepted for standard tourist visa applications.

Gather your supporting documents.

The documents you need to gather for your Tajikistan visa application vary depending on your country of citizenship.

Once you know what documents are required, it’s time to collect them.

  • You will need the following information:
  • Your passport details (serial number, end date).
  • Your contact information (address and phone number in Tajikistan).
  • A copy of all pages in your passport that show visas, stamps or other travel records. You’ll also need to provide copies of any reference letters or other documents that may be relevant to your visa application (for example, if you have before worked or studied in Tajikistan).

Get your passport photos and a stamped, envelope-sized photo of yourself.

Getting a passport photo is easy, but you’ll want to ensure your photos are taken. Here’s what you need to keep in mind:

  • Make sure the photo is clear and well-lit. Your face should be visible, without any glare or shadows falling across it.
  • Make sure your head is straight and centred in the middle of the frame.
  • Make sure your eyes are open—not squinting or closed shut!
  • Make sure your mouth is closed so that people can’t see what’s behind those pearly whites of yours (or, more, that there isn’t anything hanging out).

Even if nothing else works out right with this picture, at least one thing does: Your hair looks good! It doesn’t matter whether it’s short or long; make sure there aren’t any stray locks covering up part of your face (or poking out from under a hat) because no one wants distractions like these when trying to figure out if they want someone as their visa applicant for Tajikistan. or anywhere else for that matter!

Mail or deliver your application to the Tajikistan council.

To apply for a Tajikistan visa, you should mail or deliver your application to the Tajikistan council.

You can also drop off your application at the council’s office.

If you decide to do this, ask for a receipt when you drop off your application and keep it until you receive your visa.

Keep following up with the consulate about your application, as communication may be challenging.

Also, to ensure you’re eligible, you must follow up with the Tajikistan consulate about your application.

Because of the potential challenges with communication, you may need to call them if you don’t hear anything from them.

They will likely tell you when they received your application and whether it was accepted.

If there are any problems with your visa application or paperwork, they will let you know what needs to be fixed before processing your visa request.

The Last Word

The most important thing to remember is that it’s a process.

You can’t throw an application on the table and expect it to be processed, but if you follow the steps outlined above and stay in touch with the consulate, you will likely see some results.

Remember that distance may make communication difficult; if you don’t hear back from them after sending your paperwork, be patient and try again later.

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