Applying for a Vanuatu visa: what you need to know

Applying for a Vanuatu visa can be tricky. Here are the steps you need to take to get a Vanuatu visa before you go.

Entering Vanuatu

  • You can enter Vanuatu by plane, by boat or by land.
  • If you are entering Vanuatu from Australia or New Zealand, you must fly via Fiji for a short stopover.
  • For those who wish to travel by boat, there are regular ferries between Fiji and Vanuatu.
  • Finally, it is possible to drive from Australia into the country if you have your vehicle.

Types of Vanuatu Visa

Three types of visas are available for entering Vanuatu:

  • Visa-free entry
  • Visa on arrival (VOA)
  • Electronic Travel Authority (ETA)

Applying via the High Commissions or Embassies of Vanuatu

You can apply for a visa from your home country at one of the Vanuatu High Commissions or Embassies.

You can also spread from within Vanuatu, either in person or online (using this form).

If you are applying from outside Vanuatu, please ensure that your passport has at least six months left before it expires and that you have enough money to cover your expenses.

The fees for most types of visas vary depending on your nationality; check out this table for more information.

Emergency visas are also available if you need one urgently; these are valid only for 48 hours and must be applied before travelling to Vanuatu.

They cost $200 but do not allow any extensions once they expire.

There are also tourist visas which cost $50 and allow stays up to 30 days over multiple visits within 12 months (as long as they’re consecutive).

A business visa costs $500 and allows stay up to 90 days per entry into the country (though these may not be cumulative).

Applying in person at the Immigration Department

To apply for a Vanuatu visa in person:

  • Go to the Vanuatu Immigration Department and submit your application. You can find its address here. The visa cost is $25 (or about 1,450 vatus). There is no need to make an appointment ahead of time, although it may be wise to call ahead if you want to double-check that they’re open when you plan on going.
  • You can also apply at one of the following locations:
  • The High Commission or Embassy of Vanuatu in your home country, if there is one nearby; or
  • An international airline ticket office inside an airport at which regular flights arrive from Port Vila International Airport

Applying online

You can apply online for your visa, and we’ll process it within 48 hours. You’ll need to pay by credit card, but there’s no need to print the application form or mail it in—we will do that for you!

You won’t need any letters of invitation or recommendations either. We don’t require passport photos either.

Downloading and filling in the visa application form

Download the application form from the Vanuatu Immigration website to apply for a Vanuatu visa.

Fill in the form and print it out. You will need to provide:

  • A passport-sized photo.
  • A payment slip (a completed e-form will be sent by email to your address after you have paid).
  • Proof of your travel insurance (this can be provided when applying for your visa).
Getting a letter of invite or recommendation

To apply, you’ll need a letter of invite or recommendation from a friend or family member who lives in Vanuatu.

If you don’t have one, that’s no problem! You can also get a letter from a hotel or resort where you plan to stay during your trip.

Call ahead of time and ask them to write out a simple note about why you’re visiting the country and what type of accommodations they can provide for you.

These letters are handwritten on standard-size paper and sometimes include the contact information for an employee at their business and their signature.

Applying for an emergency visa

If you’re in a situation that requires an emergency visa and don’t have enough time to apply before your flight, you can still apply for one at the airport.

You must submit a letter from a doctor or hospital confirming your emergency and pay the appropriate fee.

All applicants must provide documentation verifying their identity, purpose of visit and return ticket.

If arriving by air, they also need to give details of how much money they intend to spend during their stay in Vanuatu (this should be no more than NZ$30 per day).

You can apply for a Vanuatu visa from your home country or within Vanuatu. Know the process, know what documents you need, and apply early.

You can apply for a Vanuatu visa from your home country or within Vanuatu. Know the process, know what documents you need, and apply early.

You will need to submit:

A completed application form. The form can be downloaded here (external link) or picked up at any local immigration office in Vanuatu.

Two passport-sized photos of yourself (1st & 3rd generation preferred)

One passport-sized photo of your spouse/partner if applicable; if not suitable, then one passport-sized photo of yourself alone should suffice (1st & 3rd generation preferred)

The Last Word

You must apply for a Vanuatu visa through the Republic of Vanuatu’s embassy.

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